Caleb had his first OT (Occupational Therapy) session last week.

I took some picture because I like to document this stuff.  I took pictures of Adara’s procedures along the way with her heart issues too.  I think it might be neat for them to see their journeys one day.

Caleb did great at his therapy.  It’s play based, so he loves it!  That makes me very happy!  In fact, the next day when I picked him up from school he asked if we could go play with Miss Rachel!

She worked with him on a few different things to help sort of “recalibrate” his body.  I of course don’t know what all of it was for or what it was doing, but she filled us in as much as she could while still keeping her attention on Caleb.  He just sees tons of toys and fun so he bounces from one thing to another without her keeping him very focused!

It was nice because Tim was able to be at this one so he could see some of what goes on.

I have my moments of this being hard to deal with.  It’s really hard to figure out which behavior is due to SPD and which behavior is due to him being a 5 year old boy and needing discipline!  I’m trying to read and research as much as I can to learn how to help him and his body get what it needs so he can function better and at a calmer level.  It really is fascinating to learn how the body works.  God made us SO INDESCRIBABLY intricate and complex!

In many of the pictures you’ll see him wearing headphones.  They are for the therapeutic listening.  They play very scientifically engineering music used to help calm the kids and put things back in order.  One of Caleb’s issues is his vestibular system.  This is the inner ear.  The music helps to put things back where they’re supposed to be in a way.  So, he wears them for much of the therapy.  The music coupled with the physical activity works together.  Like I said, fascinating!

His absolute FAVORITE thing to use….the BALL PIT!! He asks to go in there many times! 🙂 That’s where he gets to go when he needs a break!


This is him rolling on scooter boards. His body gets out of whack when he lays down so this works on that and works on his pushing and pulling with his arms.


What boy doesn’t like to punch an inflatable punching bag?? He was showing Miss Rachel his tae kwon do moves!


He has to work on crawling down the stairs facing forward. It’s interesting what our bodies can do easily and what takes more work.


This was interesting too! It’s a spinning board. Something about laying on his side like that and spinning (slowly) to each side helps calibrate his body. I couldn’t believe how calm he was when she was doing this! I don’t think I ever see him this still and calm besides when he’s sleeping! It was amazing.








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