Are you willing to be BRAVE?

I heard this song, Brave by Sara Barielles, and I instantly thought, “I have to make a video for Exploit No More!”

You may have seen some posts here about human trafficking and the inhumane, horrible issue that it is.  Exploit No More is an organization in Milwaukee working to not only stand up to sex trafficking, but also provide a house for aftercare for girls who want to get out of sexual slavery.

I hope you will take a couple minutes to view this video and seriously think about supporting ENM in some way.  Even if you’re not in the Milwaukee area, you can still support this amazing organization.  Check out their website and see how you can volunteer and/or donate.


One thought on “Are you willing to be BRAVE?

  1. Honey I would love to be some part of this, let me know when you have time and where I fit in. You are an amazing woman taking on this subject. Praise God for you – you can help these girls. Love you.

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