Reflections from a Kindergarten mom

IMG_6023It’s the end of the school year.  Many of my friends have already had their child’s last day of school year and are already counting down the days until school starts again in fall!

Tomorrow Caleb has a half day.  3 more hours of kindergarten are all that’s left for my sweet little guy.  Tomorrow will be the last day I drop him off and pick him up from the safety of his own door, enjoying his own playground play structure, his own bathroom inside his classroom…..

Next year, for first grade, he joins the “general population”!  He will use the bathroom in the hallway, not right inside his classroom.  He will use the door that the big kids use.  He will play on the play structure that all the other kids play on.

I’m already panicking!  BIG TIME!

Today was his school’s “Honors Assembly”.  I was blessed to attend and sat next to his teacher and helped keep 16 kindergarteners “still” and quiet for a ONE AND A HALF HOUR ASSEMBLY!!  Caleb earned 5 awards!  I was SO proud!!  And he was pretty excited too!  He LOVED having me there with him!

But as the kids all came into the gym, I looked at the third, fourth, fifth, sixth graders (who incidentally look like HIGH SCHOOLERS!!) and leaned over to Caleb’s teacher and whispered, “our kids are never going to look like that, right??”  She has 2 kids almost the same ages as Caleb and Adara.  We were both lamenting at the thought of our little ones growing up and being such big kids!

I watch the kids on the playground when I drop Caleb off in the morning.  The clusters of girls all huddled together comparing hair and clothes, letting out squeals and giving hugs when their friends show up.  The boys running and grunting and being boys.

And it’s SO HARD for me to believe that my littles are ever going to be that big.  It’s scary.  Quite honestly, I don’t like how some of those kids act.  I’d be heartbroken if Adara acted the way some of those girls act.  I would be mortified if Caleb talked the way some of those boys do.

But, I sadly realize, that I will have to let them grow up.  I will have to let them become 1st, 4th, 6th, 8th, 12th graders.

Because I have not yet discovered a way to stop or slow time.  Google just doesn’t have an answer for that one!

So, I remind myself that NOW is important!  I need to keep working to instil values in them NOW so that they are ingrained in them when they are older.  The discussion I have with Caleb now about being kind to a friend on the playground and not pushing them will translate to seeing value in their classmates when he is older and a classmate is being pushed around by someone else.  Teaching him now be respectful when the teacher tells Caleb to line up for recess will translate to having respect for himself and others when it comes time for “feelings” to be awakened in him when he sees a girl {SHUDDER!!}.

Teaching Adara, even now, that she is valued, beautiful, and loved will translate to her not needing to show so much skin later even when it’s “fashionable”.  It will instill in her a deep love for herself, based on who God has created her to be, so she doesn’t need to seek that elsewhere.  She will be taught to see the value in herself AND others so that she doesn’t become a gossip and embraces those around her, even if they aren’t “cool”.

These days are so fleeting.  This school year has gone by in the blink of an eye!  I feel like I was just bawling after dropping my baby off for his first day of kindergarten, and now I’m bawling because my baby is done with kindergarten.  And it’s just going too fast.  And I don’t know if he knows how proud I am to be his mom and how deeply I love him.  And how incredibly special, wonderful and amazing he is.

Cuz I only have 12 more years until he leaves for college!


2 thoughts on “Reflections from a Kindergarten mom

  1. Oh Vicky, that post was so beautiful. It made me cry. You truly do have beautiful children and they are dearly loved. They are lucky to have you and Tim as parents to stand behind them and teach them in the way they should go. They will always be in our prayers as will you and Tim. God Bless. We love you.

  2. They do grow up too fast, don’t they? It was especially hard for me to see my little ones graduate from kindergarten and the big world of school. Hugs!

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