Pimps need prayer too

So, if you haven’t heard, this week the FBI made a HUGE bust and rescued over 100 girls from child sex trafficking!!!  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT????   You can read a short article about it here if you haven’t heard this amazing news yet.  In Wisconsin alone 10 girls were rescued – the second highest city in the bust!  Read a short update about that here.

These girls were freed from slavery!  Where do they go from here?  That’s why Exploit No More exists!  We want to provide a home full of support, love, encouragement and healing where these girls can go and let God restore them and make them new so they don’t return to that lifestyle.  Here’s a short video about Exploit No More.  I hope you get involved through prayer, volunteering (if you’re in the area) and donating – it costs a lot of money to get this started!

As much as I would LOVE to go on and on about those precious girls and Exploit No More, that’s not the point of this post.

As I was celebrating the huge bust the FBI did this weekend and praying for the girls who were rescued, God challenged me with something.

How much do we want those pimps to pay for what they did to those girls??  The torture they inflicted physically, mentally, emotionally.  The fact they they sold these girls to men as an object to be used and abused in any way they desired.  The fact that these pimps kidnapped some of the girls, held them against their will, controlled them with fear and torture.  They inflicted mental, emotional and physical scars that will stay with them their whole lives.

How much does our humanness want them to PAY DEARLY for what they’ve done??  We want them to rot in jail!  To never experience freedom again!  To be abused the way they abused!

But God asked me to pray for them.  He reminded me these pimps are His children too.  He died for them just the same as he died for me or the precious girls who were rescued.  He loves them and wants better for them.  He wants a relationship with them.  He wants to heal them of their wounds, their pain, He wants to make them whole too.  And He wants to make them new so that they never choose that path again.

As much as we hate what they’ve done and the fact that they may not have any remorse for what they’ve chosen to do to another human being, we need to pray that they would let God get a hold of their heart, that they would learn of Him, His love and His desire to heal them.

Praying for the pimps does NOT negate or diminish our prayers, love and care for the girls who were rescued.  It just expands our hearts to try to see people more the way God sees them.


One thought on “Pimps need prayer too

  1. I often pray for the ending of human trafficking in our house of prayer. The Lord has also impressed upon me to pray for the violators. God loves them, and no sin is beyond His reach. Blessings!

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