It’s Not Just a Job

1005507_10151669234036158_600362390_nI think we all have days when we go through the motions.  We go to work and just “put in our time” to get the job done and make it through the day.  Even in a job we love, there are days when we are just getting through the day.  If it’s a job we don’t like…YIKES!  Then MOST days “it’s JUST A JOB!”  A means to an end!

But in parenting, that’s really not an option.  Well, not a GOOD option anyway.

I’ve had some days lately where I find myself just getting through the day.  I’ve realized there are moments when staying home with the kids all day is “just my job”.

And I’ve realized how damaging that attitude can be.

It just snuck up on me.  It wasn’t an intentional decision.

I think like most parents I just keep going.  Keep pressing on.  There’s always a list a mile long of things that need to get done between meal prep, naps, playing with the kids, cleaning up, changing diapers and answering a zillion questions.

There is little time left to recharge before you pass out from exhaustion.

But this Parenting Position is not just a job.

These are actually little human beings!  Who will grow up to be big human beings all too quickly.

While that perspective adds more pressure to my already tense psyche, it’s true and needs to be remembered.

I can’t just do the bare minimum to get through the day.  I can’t just keep the kids relatively clean and fed with mostly healthy-ish food.  There’s so much more to these little human beings.

They have a spiritual element that needs to be fostered, an intellect that needs to be challenged, a creative side that needs to be explored, a self esteem that needs to be built up….they are complex little beings!  Just as we all are.

And these little human beings are quite amazing when you take time to look at them.  To really see them.  Their silly faces.  Crazy comments.  Funny perspectives they have.  Their sense of humor.  Their “dreams”.  They are whole human beings!  🙂

Sometimes I wish I could just punch in 9-5, put in my time, and be done with my job.

But God has chosen to give me the two most precious gifts in the world.  They are gifts, not burdens.  Parenting is a privilege, not just a position.

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