My name is Vicky.  My husband, Tim, and I have been married, by God’s power, for 11 years now.  We have the most adorable, precious, spectacular, beautiful, amazing three year old son….at least I think so  anyway!

Most recently Tim and I are navigating life after an affair.  People often think that Pastors are super human in some way.  Not true.  My husband and I started a church in 2007 and had to close it in 2010 due to a lot of factors, but the final one being his affair.

However, God is a God of restoration and hope.  He can rebuild what has been broken.  If we let Him.  We are trying to figure out how to put the pieces back together and offer all these shards of ourselves to God and ask Him to shape us into something beautiful.  And much better than we were before.

It’s a journey full of ups and downs.  This blog reflects that.  But I try to keep perspective and share the ups WITH the downs and not just the ups OR the downs.  Because isn’t that what life is?  And why sugar coat things?  I don’t know about you, but my life is not sugar coated!  I try to be raw, honest, and as transparent as I can be.

Since closing our church I have become a stay at home mom.  That is full of amazing blessings, wonderful moments and sweet experiences….and it’s very hard!  I also have my own business doing graphic design and photo cards called VDub Designs.  I love being creative and serving people that way!

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Email: vickydublu at yahoo dot com

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh Vicky, I just saw a post from you on someone’s facebook, then saw your vow renewal pictures and came across your blog. My heart cried for you as I read through some of your old posts. My heart ached for you, but yet found that your strength during it all is astounding. I can’t imagine what your days are like but I want you to know that we will lift you up in our prayers.

    You and Tim are both in our prayers for strength, for forgiveness and for healing. We pray that God will work in your marraige and in your lives and that your story will end in success and be able to help so many others who find themselves in this situation.

    Tim & Kelly Milano

  2. Vicky –

    You probably don’t remember me from Metrobrook’s humble beginnings. But I can relate to that pain. Of course on the other side as the promise breaker. Things didn’t work out for my wife and I because I didn’t have the Lord in my life at that time. Now that I do and have for quite some time I know how to talk about it so it has a lasting effect.
    If Tim needs some one to talk to, have him contact me.

    God be with you and Tim.

    You will be in my prayers.

    Chet Day
    Community Bible Church
    Ministry to Men
    Cave Junction, OR
    414-731-9665 ( cell )

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