Surviving After an Affair

If you have clicked on this tab I’m guessing you or someone close to you has had an affair or has been with someone who cheated.  And for that, I am very sorry.

In January, 2010 my husband confessed to me having a five month affair.  In our previous 10 years of marriage he looked at porn on the internet and had emotional affairs with women online.  There were many, many secrets.

But we are surviving.  It isn’t pretty, but there are moments of beauty.

First of all, I don’t have all the answers!  I don’t even have a few!  But I wanted to share some online resources that have been a comfort, encouragement, and help to me through this journey.

And if you want to connect, please do.  Don’t try to do this alone, I know I can’t!

Cindy Beall

Chris and Cindy Beall were interviewed about their journey with infidelity and how they survived and are THRIVING.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Refine Us – Justin and Trisha Davis

Grit and Glory – Alece Ronzio

Jenni Clayville

Affair Recover Center – I have not attended any of the seminars on this site but have found some good articles.

Blessing Ranch – This is a place for anyone in ministry (staff or volunteer) for intense counseling.  It is simply amazing!

2 thoughts on “Surviving After an Affair

  1. are you familiar with New Life Partners? We are a group of women supporting each other through lives damaged by sexual addiction. just wondered if you were familiar?

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