A little life

A week ago Caleb and I were killing some time walking around Target.  We went down the aisle with the kids gardening stuff.  I thought the little galoshes were cute.

Well, Caleb loves buckets!  In that aisle was a little bucket with a flower-grow-kit in them.  So, I was thinking it might be kinda neat for Caleb to grow some flowers.  I didn’t know if he would understand or get into it, but I wanted to give it a try.  Everyday we water them and Caleb talks to them.  We get all excited to look at them and see if anything is peeking out of the dirt yet.

Yesterday we saw sprouts!  I got Caleb all excited and we looked at the little, tiny shoots coming through the dirt.  We watered them and said hello to our little plants.

I have to say it feels good to have a little life in the house when it feels like so much death and destruction is all around.  Something is growing.  Pushing through the dirt, reaching for the sun, and will turn into something beautiful.  Spring is coming.  I love spring.


One thought on “A little life

  1. Love it. The rebirth after months of barrenness. Too see the trees budding once again, and sprouts of flowers coming up. To be excited to see dandelions – for a moment or so.

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