UGH! This just SUCKS!

Yeah, I said that in my counseling appointment today.  If I can’t be honest there, where can I be honest, right?!?

We talked about some heavy stuff.  There’s a lot to dig through.  A lot of questions to ask.  A lot of things to think through, work through and pray through.

She laid some heavy stuff on me today.

I’ve been really working hard to lean into God through this whole mess.  I don’t always succeed!  But I’m trying to.  I’m trying to be obedient with each step.  I don’t always succeed!  But I’m trying to.

The obedience is really hard!  But each time I do I feel His strength and peace.

This one is gonna be tough though.  It feels impossible.  But Jesus talks about it, He commands it, it is how I become more like Him.  And I know it will squash satan even more and take away more of his power in this whole thing.

But this is a tough one.  God and I are talking about this one.  I have some words for Him.  And He can take it.

UGH!  This just SUCKS though!


3 thoughts on “UGH! This just SUCKS!

  1. It’s a good thing that God is a Big Boy. and not to worry – I’ve certainly shared my opinion with Him on a few matters… and unfortunately, I’ve probably used worse language… :: sigh::

    I love you and I’m praying for you girlie!!

  2. God knows your heart, and knows that there are times when you need to work though some things, and yes – He is a big boy and can handle it. Keep working through. It’s so hard, and scary but it is possible.

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