Eyes that see the light

I have been reading a blog that was referred to me by a friend.  Just a few weeks after Tim confessed his affair to me this woman wrote that her husband just did the same thing.  He was a worship pastor and while she was on a missions trip in Africa he resigned from his job and told her his confession when she came home.  We’ve been on this journey for just about the same amount of time.  I have loved her transparency on her blog.  And she has been reading amazing books, listening to amazing teachings, and am I learning so much through the tidbits she is sharing about what she is learning.

This blog post brought me to tears.  I really hope you will take a few moments to read it.  It isn’t long and is really good.

It hit me hard for a couple reasons.  The beauty of that experience they had was overwhelmingly wonderful and painful for me.

I was struck by the amazing perspective of the people around them on that Sunday.  This couple is going through a roller coaster of emotions, facing a totally unknown future (well, a different future than they thought it would be anyway), rebuilding a marriage, the ups and the downs.  There are days that are very dark and days that have light in them.  In the midst of all of this, there are a bunch of people who, despite the grave consequences of his sin, still see God getting ready to use them for great things.  They see a future for them.  They see how God is loving them and carrying them and PREPARING them for an amazing future.  To see this horrible situation “through the lens of the blood of Jesus and through freedom.”

I wish I had that around me.  I wish I had that army of people around us.  I would love to have people who can look at the sadness and difficulty of this situation but still be able to say, “I am excited for you!  I am excited for what God is doing, for what you are allowing Him to do in you both, and for what He is yet to do!”  I would love to have people around me who pray with us, who celebrate this amazing God we serve and call His power into our lives right now.  And not to sugar coat things or use lame “christian cliches”, but to call on God’s Truth and His Hope and speak His Word into our lives when it gets hard to remember.

So I need to remember this!  I need to be that in the lives of those around me.  I need to remember how powerful God is, even in the darkest of moments, and celebrate HIM in the lives of those around me who are hurting and who are really submitting and seeking Him in the shadows.

Because the shadows are there BECAUSE there is LIGHT somewhere.  You can’t have shadows without light.

Let’s look for the Light together, shall we?

7 thoughts on “Eyes that see the light

  1. Yes, God is powerful. I am thankful for the shadows in the dark times so that they will lead us to the light! Thank you for your transparency.

  2. it is so hard for me to have that kind of perspective smack in the midst of the pain.

    i love the way you said that — that there’s only shadows because there is light somewhere. i need to look for the light.

    i need to look for the light…

    • i know alece. it IS so hard! that’s why i so wished i had that army of people around who are singing, dancing and praying around me like they have. it’s hard to not be consumed by the pain sometimes and just look inward all the time. that’s why i want to TRY to remember to look outward – be that prayer in someone else’s life.

      i will be praying for you too! i’m “virtually” holding your hand and we will look for that light together. we WILL find it, because God is so faithful and ALWAYS there with His arms open – no matter how battered and bruised we are.

      we will look for that light!

      • i know. that blog post had me all choked up. i wish that i had (have) that too. i have people who have come around me and strengthened/supported me through this… but all from a distance. and none of the people it “should’ve” been (AKA my family). so God has made up for it in other ways. but there’s nothing quite like people physically showing up at your door and praying for/over/with you and cheering you on in your journey.

  3. Do you remember being in middle school and learning your multiplication facts? Gabe has recently been interested in learning to add groups of numbers, and I can see he’s at the beginning stages of thinking about multiplication. When I read your post, I thought of that. I’m going to ask God to do an amazing miracle of multiplication in your life – so that the army you long for appears before your very eyes!

  4. And by “being in middle school” I really meant “being in elementary school” because I think they learn that in something like 2nd or 3rd grade… lol

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